Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Barriers for the equal education in the North

The advancing troops of Kilinochchi have reached to the Technical collage for Higher education which was allied to the University of Jaffna built by the ministry of teaching and Higher education with the aim of educational upliftment of the Tamil students in Kilinochchi, Mulathivu, and Poonarin. The technical collage consisted of a well ready auditorium, hostel, and laboratories with the extent of 100 acres which can house more than 5000 students. With the grate intention of giving equivalent education for all irrespective of civilization, the government has recognized this institute in the North. Unfortunately no any academic year could be started as the Terrorists had been by this valuable place for their military and managerial reason till the government troops captured it.
LTTE, as a cruel terrorist group has shown its vision clearly by using this valuable property of the Northern students as a military camp. LTTE is known to be one of the notorious terrorist groups in the world which uses child soldiers in battle. If such educational institute function in this area, terrorists will absolutely meet a scarcity of soldiers and it will be a huge problem for their continued survival.
Education is a basic right for every human being but LTTE terrorists are person right violators .They have been hostility with the aim of Mono-ethnic split home land. But intentionally V.Prabhakaran shattered the right of education of students in north and east by activate such awful things. V. Prabhakaran expects only the war and never knows the value of the teaching as he never got it. Though the Sri Lankan government is tiresome to give equivalent education for all, the terrorist leader always tries avoiding his people from receiving free education as his only intension is the war.
LTTE use child soldiers for the fight field and child soldiers have become the sign as a way of continuing LTTE militarization, but Sri Lankan government has never used child soldiers for the battle. Security forces and government always stand surety for security of the blameless school children. According to the sources, Tamil school children in North are being taught for the battle during the school hours, and they are recruited to the dying terrorist collection by force. They all implore for the free world with out war.
Today we can see abundance of child right organization and we have a difficulty whether they are aware of this unsafe problem of child soldering which occurred in the North of Sri Lanka.
This is the time for all nation to pay notice to the reality of this common adversary that threatens the continued survival of society based on admiration of the freedom and dignity of humans.

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