Monday, December 22, 2008

Free innocent Tamils or face ban - President to LTTE

President Mahinda Rajapaksa today(Dec 22) called on the LTTE that to let go all blameless Tamils it is investment captive, in repression and by them as human shields, with the sunrise of 2009, and allow them to come to the safe areas provided for them by the Government and the Security Forces.
Breakdown to do this would lead the Government to proscribing the LTTE with all its penalty for the terrorist association and will make sure that 2009 is the true Year of great courage for the troops and also see the wiping out of LTTE terrorism from the pages of history.
He supposed the only opponent faced by the people is the terrorism of LTTE, and that he will not have the same opinion to any truce that will make stronger the LTTE in any form.
President Rajapaksa was addressing spiritual dignitaries, ministers, older administrators and most important members of the confidential sector to thank them for the cooperation comprehensive to the government in this year and to tell them of the development of the military operations next to the terrorism of the LTTE and condition of the financial system of the country. The meeting was detained at the Presidential Secretariat, Colombo.
There is only one opponent in the country, and that is terrorism. The Sinhala people are not the enemies of the Tamils, as the Tamils are not the opponent of the Sinhalese. independence and terror is the enemy of all, be they Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims or Buddhists; Hindus, Christians and followers of Islam. All people should come jointly in agreement to fight the savagery of terrorism.
He told the spectators that the people of the state had given him and the government the power top brawl terrorism, and bring the LTTE to the weak place it is in today; the power to free the place of birth from the grip of fear.
"I will not have the same opinion to any truce that will make stronger the LTTE in any form" he said.
"The New Year 2009 will be the fourth year with the country beneath my management. There will be very important challenges in 2009, to face which there will be the require for the widest unity in the middle of all people. 2009 will be the year when the country will be not tied up from the threat of tiger terrorism. Many evil armed forces will plot to stop the conquest next to terrorism, but we shall conquer them all. There will be many attempts to make division, disaster and unrest in the country, all of which are under attack at serving the reason of tiger terror. Attempts will be made to create a unenthusiastic community frame of mind in the battle next to terror. But, we will face the main challenges and obstacles to make 2009 the Year of daring conquest next to Terrorism," the President supposed.
He called on all political parties and armed forces to unite with the government to beat terrorism and take the country towards development. This is the communication as to the NFF that chosen with the government in the previous financial plan, to the JVP that helped me in the conquest in the last presidential vote and to all loyal sections within the UNP, too, who should protect the honour and self-respect of their social gathering by amalgamation the government in the great loyal everyday jobs that lay ahead.
Fuel prices
Referring top the current debate on petroleum prices and financial rule, President Rajapaksa said the Government had to act with blame, and its blame was to the people. The Government needed revenue to meet the stress of development and the expenses of the continuing military operations to beat terrorism.
It was from income that the government earned that it was likely to provide free books to schoolchildren, give fit services to the people, milk food to mothers and children and also take on the essential operations to free the country of terrorism. Any decisions on the prices of necessary items had to be taken with blame and anxiety for the real needs of the people. The wants of a mere 04 per cent of people who use petrol for cars might not succeed the wants of more than 90 % of the people who traveled by bus and train.
He said that persons who petitioned the judges on the price of petrol were the same people who campaigned overseas next to the additional room of the GST+ release for the country. If they had succeeded in that, all workers in the item of clothing manufacturing would have suffered.
President Rajapaksa said that the government forever appreciated the orders of the judges, even when they went next to some of the policies that were life form implemented to battle terrorism. These instructions such as the ban on penetrating homes at night, and issues connecting High safety Zones were observed with owing admiration to the judges and as there were exchange policies to be followed, in spite of unfavorable penalty, some of which were sad.
He supposed the government was dedicated to plummeting prices of basics we when they went downward in the global markets, and this was obviously seen in the decrease of the prices of petrol diesel, kerosene and other fuels in the new financial plan. However, as a great contract as the government reimbursement from the reduction in prices of such imports one had also to be aware of the loss the country faces with the fall in prices earned by merchandise exported from the country, due to the current condition s in the world.
The subject of duty and duties be supposed to not be looked at in separation, but as a whole, taking into thought the needs of the whole financial system. There was the need to lift duties on the import of many items to help local industry and production to benefit. Speaking in lighter layer, he said some people might today look for release in courtyard next to the 300 % duty on cigarettes and arrack, the 450% duty on whisky or the 500 % duty on imported lavishness cars.
President Rajapaksa harassed that that the purpose of good government necessary proper sympathetic among the government, the Executive and the judges. The decision-making be supposed to not try to clutch the powers of the government, and similarly the other arms of government should also not seek to clutch the powers of any other. He was fully aware of the blame of the government to the people, and all decisions that affect the people would be taken ion all sincerity to free that holy blame that he bore.

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