Friday, December 5, 2008

Wanni hell gates further crumble; troops reach Kanakarayankulam

Army Task Force 2 (TF 2) have suffering a enormous blow on the gates of the LTTE run mono racial Wanni hellhole by reaching Kanakarayankulam this morning (Dec 5).
Troops extending their forward limits across the A-9 road (Jaffna- Kandy road) have reached the former LTTE stranglehold in a swift eastward push, exposed battlefield sources. The town is located about 10 Km north of Pulliyankulam where the same troops unconventional yesterday (Dec 4).
According to the defence observers, with the release of Mankulam, Pulliyankulam, and now Kanakarayankulam townships located on the A-9 road; the LTTE has harshly lost its hold over the Wanni civilians. The liberation of these key towns on the A-9 will trigger off an exodus of civilians that would speed up the sure demise of the terrorist outfit, they add.
Meanwhile, 6 males have sought safe haven with troops when they enthused into the Kanakarayankulam Township. According to the sources, the refugees have told the soldiers that the people in residual LTTE hiding areas in Wanni were jubilant over the tiding that Army had reached Pulliyankulam. Citing the refugees the sources added that the people in large numbers would enter to the empty areas from Wanni in near prospect.
With troops attainment Kanakarayankulam , the A-9 road is cleared for another 21 Km towards north from Omanthai , where the LTTE had its blockade for civilian actions.

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