Saturday, December 20, 2008

37 civilians escape from LTTE hellhole, seek protection with security forces- Welioya

A total of 37 civilians have fled from LTTE imprisonment and sought defense with security forces at Welioya, Mullaittivu since 9a.m., today (Dec 20).
The primary group of escapees, 26 civilians including 14 males and 12 females have at house at Welioya at around 9a.m., Wanni military sources said. The civilians were locals from Mullaittivu, who had exposed horrific experiences with LTTE in the non-liberated areas. According to the civilians, terrorists are forcing populace in Mullaittivu towards 'mobile LTTE checkup centers', threatening them to giveaway at least a blood pint in the procedure.
Meanwhile, one more group of escapees from Mullaittivu have complete their way towards Weiloya, and sought defense with troops at around 11.30a.m., after fleeing from LTTE for days. The group consisted of 11 civilians who were afterward heading for to the IDP wellbeing center in Welioya. These populace have also bare experiencing alike hardships under LTTE, the sources further said.
Earlier, 8 civilians from the non-liberated area had required defense with safety forces, this morning at 8a.m.

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