Saturday, December 20, 2008

Navy destroys LTTE Logistics Vessel carrying War-like Materials North-east of Mullaithivu

Sri Lanka Navy shattered a medium-size LTTE logistics boat transport a large quantity of war like capital seventy (70) maritime Miles North-east of Mullaithivu all through the near the beginning hours today (20th December 2008). The Navy also intercepted a approach jointly of LTTE boats and overwhelmed four enemy physical assault craft, which were abortively attempting to hold up the adversary logistics boat, in a tear argue off Mullaithivu.
The medium-size opponent logistics boat had been detected by the Navy's Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) on surveillance assignment in bottomless sea around 0130 hrs and then, the Navy's patrol craft were deployed to cut off and obliterate the enemy logistics vessel which was approximately 30 - 40 meters in length. In the ensuing naval fire that lasted for around 30 minutes, the enemy logistics vessel was totally destroyed. It is supposed that the enemy vessel was transport a large quantity of war similar to resources to the LTTE since it sank engulfed in a sphere of fire under the heavy naval fire.
Four more LTTE attack craft, which were fleeing after having been abortively attempted to provide hold up to the opponent vessel, were also intercepted and shattered by the Navy off Mullaithivu in a divide confrontation.

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