Friday, December 26, 2008

No food shortage in Vanni

Tigers using tents, tarpaulins for combat purposes - 74,618 metric tons of essentials sent
The administration yesterday re-assured that caring assistance to civilians livelihood in non-liberated areas of Vanni would carry on un-interrupted, in spite of difficulties posed by vagaries of the weather, terrorist performance and bad street conditions.
Confirming there was no food be short of in the Vanni, Essentials Services Commissioner S.B. Divarathne said the Government was getting the fullest collaboration of all stakeholders counting the WFP andICRC in the try to provide provisions to the civilians.
Since August this year, the Government with the help of additional stakeholders had sent 74,618 metric tons of basics to the area. In adding, 90 per cent of the foodstuff letters sent by India too had been delivered, he added.
According to Divaratne, there had been 8,528 lorry loads of food sent to Vanni during this period.
In addition, the Government was keeping a shock absorber stock of 3,000 metric tons in Vavuniya to get together any crisis.
Quoting independent figures, Divarathne said that nearly 250,000 people were living in the non-liberated areas mainly in Mullaveli, Dharmapuram, Kandaveli and Pudikudirippu. Out of this figure nearly 100,000-125,000 are believed to be displaced, he noted.
also, in addition to food, 99 per cent of medical provisions wanted for hospitals in the region too had been dispatched, he said.
Commenting on the lack of shelter material, Divarathne said that the Government had decided not to send tents and tarpaulins as they had received dependable information that the Tigers were by them for battle purposes.
As an option measure, the Government has determined to send thatched cadjan as protection material. A total of 200,000 Cadjan sheets would be sent there shortly, he added. In addition the Government was planning to send kerosene, school books and other supplies soon, Divaratne said.
He also sharp out that in spite of Tiger claims, it was the Government that provided necessary provisions to civilians and that the Government device of utilising cooperatives, management, hospitals etc is performance as usual.
During October, the Government had spent Rs.117 million to repair decrepit roads and streamline the delivery process as global organizations had refused to attend deliveries citing sensible difficulties,, Divarathne added.
Commenting on the state of affairs in Jaffna, Divarathne said in spite of having to face the most harsh floods recorded in 50 years, the Government has brought the situation beneath control within a small period of time.
In Jaffna too there is no lack of food or other basics, he added.

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