Sunday, December 21, 2008

Heavy Clashes continue in Kilinochchi battlefront

battleground reports on yesterday's (Dec 20) counter terrorist operations in Kilinochchi indicate inclined battles flanked by Army and the LTTE terrorists.
Troops of the Army 57 Division effectively let down an LTTE be in resistance to disagreeable launched in the North of Iranamadu area approximately 6 AM. During the battle that lasted till 6 PM, 12 soldiers laid down their lives while 16 others went on absent. Also, 34 soldiers suffered injuries. Intercepted terrorist radio broadcast bare heavy compensation to the LTTE.
In the North of Akkarayankulam area, troops had a sequence of confrontations with the terrorists from 5 AM to 4 PM and claimed heavy recompense to the terrorists. One warrior laid down his life while 5 others continued injuries.
In the meantime, troops of the Army Task Force 3 confronted the terrorists in the North of Ampakamam area around 1.15 PM. Troops claimed 2 terrorists were killed and 4 others were upset during this confrontation. A soldier was also injured. In a divide argument occurred approximately 8.45 PM in the similar area, one LTTE cadre was injured.
In the Jaffna theatre of battle, one LTTE cadre was allegedly killed in Sniper fire approximately 6.40 AM.

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