Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Intense fighting results heavy damages to LTTE - Kilinochchi

Intense hostility erupted with troops and LTTE terrorists as the troops of 57 separation and Task Force 1 sustained their unpleasant process to breach the LTTE built earth-bund, the final obstacle and argument point, few Kilometers away from Kilionochchi yesterday, 22 December.
Following hours-long hostility reported in west of Paranthan, Iranamadu and Adampan area, troops have gained manage over 2Km make bigger breaking the LTTE's earth bund in more than a few locations. Troops carry on their process in spite of serious argument given by the terrorists.
According to the available sources, forty-two terrorists were killed and fifty-five others were injured in confrontations reported in 57 Division while fourteen LTTE terrorists were killed and thirty-two sustained injuries in confrontations reported in Task Force 1.
Ten army workers have laid their lives for defensive the place of birth and fourty soldiers continued injuries in strong hostility ensued breaching the LTTE-built final obstruction.

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