Tuesday, December 23, 2008

'Sinna-Paranthan' falls to security forces, LTTE flee with heavy casualties- Kilinochchi

Troops of the Task Force -1 now busy in counter terrorist offensives West of Paranthan, consolidated 300m further southwards the length of the LTTE built earth bund cum channel, allegedly capturing a terror strongpoint, 'Sinna-Paranthan' this morning(Dec 23).
According to military media, troops faced stiff confrontation from LTTE in the fight for Sinna-Paranthan, which is situated the length of the A-35 main road, 6km West of Paranthan rural community. Farmers occupied the village previous to terrorists under enemy control the area, the sources said addition that LTTE bunkers and trenches were now seen built in perimeters of the administration buildings counting a school and the Divisional Secretariat.
Intercepted terrorist message has long-established 12 LTTE deaths while many others were also said upset during the clash, safety sources said. Meanwhile, troops have healthier an LTTE radical body along with a T-56 physical attack riffle throughout following search operations conducted. Troops are continuing payment operations in the area, Army sources further said.

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