Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Army TF 1 thwarts LTTE counter attack- West of Paranthan

Battlefield commanders leading the battle in Paranthan (24 Dec)
Sri Lanka Army Task Force 1 military dense an LTTE counter physical assault launched at their forward edge south of Chinna Paranthan area this morning (Dec 24). According to battlefield sources, troops inflicted serious reward to the terrorists.
The terrorists tried to get well their lost battlefield defenses located about 6 km west of Paranthan on the Pooneryn- Paranthan road near the create this morning with a huge earth physical physical attack supported with arms and mortar fire. However, well ready troops busy the advancing terrorists with armour tanks, weaponry and infantry causing serious reward to the terrorists.
According to the obtainable in order, at least 18 terrorists including an LTTE limited skull were killed while many others were injured. intercept terrorist radio transmissions have reveled that 34 LTTE cadres were injured and 4 others went absent. So far , troops have been able to collect a body of an LTTE cadre while many others are still deceitful in countenance of their onward border.
Clearing operations are still on ...

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