Tuesday, December 23, 2008

LTTE sniffs defeat at Kilinochchi: Nadesan crash on BBC interview

Following days of serious and strong hostility between troops and LTTE at the outer edge of Kilinochchi, west of Paranthan, Adampan, Nevil, Puthumurrippukulam and Iranamadu as Tuesday (Dec 16), the terrorist lips part Nadesan has finally made receipt of the likely fall of its major terror stronghold rural community, Kilinochchi, but remained perseverance of heavy resistance as battles are expected to shift for the eastern Mullaittivu plays.
The terror misinformation leader without warning not working during an e-mail interview with the BBC service yesterday (Dec 22). "Even though Kilinochchi waterfall we will continue hostility", he was quoted replying to the news repair. previous, the psychotic terror leader, Prabakaran in mid-November certain to protect its main barracks, while promising to stall the surging military offensives at Kilinochchi.
Nadesan's cry comes in the edge of losing Kilinochchi and its satellite basis to safety forces who have already breached sections of the LTTE built earth bund cum ditch, stretching from the outer edge of Paranthan towards Iranamadu. Terrorists were too left with soaring deaths and wounded as battleground reports estimates over 170 killed and twice as many injured since last Tuesday (16). Troops of the Task Force -1 and 57 Division sustained making good earth into LTTE territory amidst stiff confrontation and heavy pouring rains in Wanni, security sources said. Mobility of grave guns and troops were limited due to the heavy floods the sources said addition that the cord of air assaults had disintegrate LTTE concentrations in the areas additional easin earth g advances.
Meanwhile, fighting had ensued in the western fronts of Kilinochchi for the forth successive day between 57 Div troops and LTTE yesterday (Dec 22) from 6a.m., till 6p.m. According to military sources, inclined battle were reported in areas South of Adampan, Puthumurrippukulam and West of Iranamadu. The infantrymen were too assisted with close battle air support provided by the SLAF strikers the sources additional said.
Over 50 terrorists were reported killed and twice as many upset earth sources said, citing intercept LTTE message. Troops have also exposed 3 LTTE bodies throughout following search operations conducted, the sources additional added.
Also, troops of the TF-1 now in service in universal area Nevil have capture a make bigger of the LTTE built earth bund allegedly destroying 6 LTTE dugout expenses while inflicting heavy compensation in the contest from 7a.m., till 4p.m. According to military, snipers deployed in the area have also taken 2 winning opponent targets.

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