Wednesday, December 31, 2008

LTTE- Lashkar links revealed

An Indian weekly 'The manager' has exposed possible relations between Lashkar e Taliba (LeT) terrorist group and the LTTE.
"There are now FBI confirmations of visits by LTTE top nerve to Kabul. The LTTE, which is hostility a behind fight with the Sri Lankan Army, is looking to the ISI-Al-Queda-LeT for weapons," The manager website claimed.
According to the website the Kerala-Tamil Nadu coast and Sri Lankan route is second-hand by the Drug-Mafia for uneven drug raw fabric from largest creator Afghanistan to the dispensation factories in middle Asia. The LTTE and its head Prabhakaran have been surviving for the past 25 years on drug money. They get arms in exchange of transfer and safe passage of drug laden ships and boats.
There is an lively smuggling link in the Kerala-TN Coast and Sri Lankan waters. Out of the two lakh odd fishing boats which business enterprise into sea every day, additional than 60 per cent cross the Indian waters and supply food, medicines, diesel, kerosene, batteries, etc. to the LTTE. The LTTE is now existing on provisions from Kerala-Tamil Nadu coast.
The website also supposed that there are cleverness information that the Kerala-Tamil Nadu coastal route with Sri Lanka may be used by ISI-LeT to open attacks in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

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