Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Army TF 1 less than 2 km from away Paranthan

Army Task Force 1 troops have compressed off the terrorists from Thadduwankoddy and Komarikudakulam areas deceitful 2 km West of the Paranthan connection this afternoon (Dec 30), battlefield sources said. According to the sources, troops have inflicted serious damages to the terrorist and detained some of their weapons during the clashes prevailed in the area. With the development made by the military today the release of deliberately important Paranthan town is about to happen, the sources added.
Meanwhile, troops of 57 Division has been able to make bigger their forward boundaries additional towards the Kilinochchi town. Some of the antagonism rudiments have by now edged into the Kilinochchi built up, the source in the filed said.

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