Tuesday, December 16, 2008

18 civilians flee from LTTE tyranny- Mullaittivu

18 civilians belonging to 6 families, have fled from LTTE after been held imprisoned for months and have sought defense with security forces at Omanthai, Monday (Dec 15) at around 3.30p.m.
The group built-in 11 men, 3 women, 3 boys and a girl who were allegedly from to Oddusudan, Keridamadu and Mannakandal locality at Mullattivu district. According Army source, the civilians have made the flee from LTTE for 6 days awaiting they reached the Omanthai Entry/ Exit tip in Vavuniya.
These civilians have supposed LTTE terrorists for prowling the large food stocks sent as humanitarian aid for the thousands entrapped with the outfit in Wanni. "We only receive a small piece of the food sent into Wanni", the civilians were quoted as additional saying.
Meanwhile, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) on Monday (Dec 15) in a 17-page report, "Trapped and Mistreated: LTTE Abuses next to Civilians in the Wanni," full how the LTTE is cruelly abuse the Tamil inhabitants in the non-liberated Wanni regions.
"The LTTE claim to be fighting for the Tamil people, but it is accountable for much of the pain of civilians in the Wanni," said Brad Adams, Asia director for Human Rights Watch in a message‚ free. "As the LTTE loses ground to advancing government forces, their action of the very people they say they are hostility for is getting worse", HRW further affirmed in the press release influence the LTTE terrorists to end its bane of cruelty.
"In the face of an continuing government military unpleasant, the LTTE has greater than before the force on the civilian inhabitants under its control. Having long used a coercive pass system to stop civilians from send-off areas it controls, the LTTE has now completely forbidden movement out of the Wanni, except for some checkup emergencies. By refusing to allow displaced persons to leave for government-held territory, the group has harshly limited their access to necessary humanitarian relief. Only about a thousand people have managed to flee the disagreement zone since March 2008.
By refusing to allow people their essential rights to freedom of movement, the LTTE has attentive hundreds of thousands of civilians in a unsafe war zone," HRW further asserted.

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