Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tamils not loyal to LTTE -President

As the fight for Kilinochchi enters a important stage, President Mahinda Rajapaksa has urged politicians worried over the security of Tamil civilians to "coax the LTTE to let the civilians to go towards the safe corridor".
In an interview to the New Indian Express, he said that the LTTE "is preventing civilians from touching to safer areas."
Terming the predictable fall of Kilinochchi in the near prospect not as a "military victory" but as the "start of the restorations of self-governing freedoms", the President dismissed the need to wean away people from the LTTE.
"There is mistake in thinking that there is require to wean the people away from the LTTE. There is not anything to show that they are fully dedicated to the LTTE or nurtured by it," President Rajapaksa said. He was willing to grant though a "small misled minority... may be still with it." He said: "We know that the Tamil people absent in Kilinochchi and Mullaitivu are detained there in the thrall of LTTE's arms."
Once that power is out of order, he said, the Tamil people will be free to link the self-governing system. "We will be looking towards a new Spring of Development in and for the North" he said.
The President supposed his country took a "serious note" of the information that an average of 500 Indian fishing vessels enter Sri Lankan waters daily.
Declaring that "the movement of smugglers" was a hazard to the country's "sovereignty and security", the President pointed to a "nexus between smugglers and the LTTE and maybe even other terrorist organisations."
On whether the agreement with Member of Parliament V. Muralitheran and Eastern Provincial Council Chief Minister S. Chandrakanthan (both defected from the LTTE) is ready out, the President supposed differences of sight were common in self-governing system and that he hoped the two "would sort out differences in the better wellbeing of the people they stand for."

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