Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Army Task Force 3 bags LTTE airstrip - North of Ampakamam

Sri Lanka Army Task Force 3 troops establish an airfield built by the LTTE terrorists from a tropical woods area south of Iranamadu tank this forenoon (Dec 24).
According to the battlefield sources, troops continuing their march additional northwards from Ampakamam have made this discovery. The Airstrip is a 25m wide tar running about 350m from north to south, said the sources.
Sri Lanka Army has so far captured 3 airstrips of the LTTE throughout the continuing be in opposition to terrorist operations. First airstrip was captured by the 57 Div in Panikkankulam area while the second was captured by the TF 1 in the Nivil area. The LTTE is the one and the only terrorist friendship in the world to expand aerial ability. Defence observers are in the view that the leeway given to the LTTE sympathizers by certain countries has enabled the outfit to make a important payment to the worldwide terrorism in circumstances plans and weaponry.

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