Sunday, December 21, 2008

Beware of invisible forces - President at Army Passing out Parade

President Rajapaksa complete this appeal as the President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Defence Minister addressed a colourful commissioning march, at the Sri Lanka Military school in Diyatalawa yesterday.
The President pointed out that albeit the armed enemies have been well recognized as lethal and should be wipe out by our brave armed forces. But some lying basics may act in diverse and small ways. They could be stationary secret in the clothe of human rights activists.
These parties too, should be recognised and dealth with so. As otherwise, he said, these enemies may in the end have a better collide and reason more harm and destruction to our motherland.
The President salaried his highest tributes to the war heroes who have full-grown from power to strength, and achieved a series of victories in Pooneryn, Kilinochchi and elsewhere.
He was of the view that our forces had confronted the most cruel terrorist out fit in the world and defeat them, slowly but steadily, by re-capturing every inch of ground from them.
They had conquer many difficult everyday jobs and all daunting challenges before them, from suicide bombers to chemical arms and inclement weather circumstances. They emerged victorious and have certainly become a shining example of sheer grit, courage,integrity and discipline, and a guiding star to the whole world.
"Their magnificent achievements have now surpassed the doom of 'Gunfire' and given rise to an air of wonderful revels in the south.
They have fought for the advantage and the well-being of the whole nation, irrespective of race, shed, statement of faith or party", President Rajapaksa noted. He also lauded the parents and the appreciated ones of the specially made trainee officers, stating that by contribution their offsprings to the armed, they had done a huge and commendable service to the nation, at a most dangerous time, when terrorism was gathering momentum, and had to be eradicated. The Commander-in-Chief opined that previous to the Government resumed the war, they themselves set an instance by offering their own children, sans requesting only the normal people to do so.
At the colourful parade, 151 officer cadet, comprehensive of 25 females were specially made by the President. usual Officer Cadet intakes 64, 64B 65 and Volunteer Officer Cadet Intakes 45 and Lady Intake 7 were specially made.

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