Thursday, December 18, 2008

57 Div troops advance towards Kilinochchi; 5 LTTE bodies found

Troops of 57 Division on unpleasant march towards LTTE's main managerial bottom, Kilinochchi, higher further into LTTE beating seats in Kilinochchi front in spite of opponent confrontation. Troops under 57 Division had more than a few confrontation in general area Adampan, south of Adampan, west of Iranamadu, west of Kilinochchi and south of Iranamadu areas inflecting heavy compensation to the adversary.
Troops of 571 group effectively break the LTTE built earth bund in more than a few locations causing heavy compensation to opponent. The consolidating operations are being occurrence in the area. Troops exposed three LTTE bodies while conducting consolidating operations following hours-long hostility in the area.
Meanwhile, troops of 574 group confronted with detected group of LTTE terrorists in all-reason area south of Iranamadu while extending own defence line, defence sources in battlefront said. In a following search process conducted troops exposed two bodies of LTTE terrorists along with military items. 3 T-56 arms, 1 I-Com set and 2 hand bullets were in the middle of the items found.

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