Wednesday, December 24, 2008

9 civilians seek protection with security forces - Mullaittivu

9 civilians counting 2 men, 3 women, a boy and 3 girls have essential defense with security forces in the recently eccentric Otiyamalai area, at Welioya in Mullaittivu, Tuesday (Dec 23).
The civilians have fled from the non-liberated Mullaittivu District fearing mean retaliation from the LTTE, military sources said.
The Human human human rights clock last week accused the LTTE terrorists of stepping up necessary recruitment and child staffing in the non-liberated territory. These civilians are too used as human shields, the HRW extra affirmed in the explanation
"Trapped in the LTTE's iron fist, normal Tamils are by force recruited as armed armed forces and required to connect in dangerous labor near the front lines," HRW Asia Director Brad Adams was quoted saying.
"By refusing to let people their essential human rights to liberty of group, the LTTE has attentive hundreds of thousands of civilians in a dangerous war zone," he further said.

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