Monday, December 29, 2008

'Karunanidhi's gobbledygook'- Island Editorial

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi seems to have several tongues. Having praised and backed the LTTE all these years, now he pretends to be one of the bitterest critics of the group.
In an meeting with the Indian push, Karunanidhi has required to distance himself from the LTTE and promised stern act against those who are espousing its ghoulish reason.
One have to not create the mistake of lessening for sinker. All roads, they say, lead to Rome Karunanidhi's pro-LTTE place has not distorted at all. Only his modus operandi of supporting Prabhakaran has. He can no longer hold up the LTTE candidly because of the Mumabi disaster, which stood India's rule towards terrorism on its head. India has realised the hazard of using terrorism as a tool of further its geo-political wellbeing.
And it has vowed to eliminate aggression in all its forms and manifestations Karunanidhi was so become a enormous embarrassment to the Indian government by behind the LTTE, which is accountable for having dedicated the worst acts of terrorism next to India such as killing Rajiv Gandhi and about 1,400 Indian military and disfigurement over 3,000 others. India has not lost so many troops still in any of its wars with neighbouring states. Since Independence.
Worse, it has suffered this kind of injure and disgrace at the hands of a terrorist group which it shaped to satisfy its hegemonic interests at the cost of Sri Lanka's territorial honesty.
The congress-led administration has complete a ridicule of its much advertised was on fear by having as a alliance parties Karunanidhi infamous for his open support of the speratist terrorism of the LTTE barred in India as well as in many additional countries.
Karunanidhi is conscious that he can no longer wait for the Middle Government to do something according to his whims and fancies without compromising its trustworthiness both nearby and globally and running political risks. assembly behavior, it may be recalled, took to the streets recently reproachful the Indian politicians helpful of the LTTE.
Karunandihi may be extended in the tooth and presentation sign of senile decompose. But, he knows more than one method to hide a cat. He is all out to disrupt Sri Lanka's war against the LTTE on the alleged reason of championing the human rights of the Vanni civilians Prabhakaran uses those unfortunate people as a human protect and Karunanidhi is by them as a association to beat the Sri Lankan government.
It is the LTTE that is custody the Vanni civilians in the conflict zone at gunpoint revealing them to danger in a bid to ratchet up collateral injure and bring global pressure on Sri Lanka to discontinue war. The LTTE has no way of flee and is desperate for a truce.
If Karunanidhi is authentically desirous of helping the civilians in the war zone, he have to look for the middle government's help to secure their let go from the control of the LTTE. He can also mobilise the LTTE backers in Tamil Nadu to force the LTTE to let go of the populace it is holding next to their will and by as cannon food.
However, Karunanidhi's dissociation from the LTTE, artificial as it may be, is a certain sign that the group is on it's look legs. Although he leftovers an LTTE follower to the core, backing its greater Eelam project - for 80 million stateless people scattered in a lot of parts of the world - he is wary of debasement his political prospect by throwing in his lot with a unsuccessful terrorist group, which has expended tens of thousands of valuable lives and billions of rupees for twenty five years in vain. This is surely bad news for all persons, both here and overseas, who have incorrectly pinned their hopes on the LTTE.
Meanwhile, Karunanidhi might try every dishonesty in the book, but he cannot haul the hair over the eyes of the discerning. Courtesy: The Island

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