Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Security forces rescue 26 Tamil civilians - Pooneryn

Security armed forces workers have rescued a compilation of Tamil civilians comprising twenty-six counting two infants and two children as journey Kilaly lagoon to reach your destination at security forces forbidden area looking for security for their lives last Sunday, 21 December.
According to the defence.lk reporter in Task Force 1, the civilians of Elephant Pass were clever to flee LTTE's grip on board a ship airborne white standard for their security. The ship, title towards Pooneryn transport 26 civilians, was out of arrange while journey Kilaly pond putting the lives of blameless Tamil civilians on danger.
Troops of Task Force 1 has right away reacted once experiential a boat airborne white normal fair in Kilaly pond area and make secure the life of Tamil civilians who were clever to flee LTTE's trapping as a person protect.
The escapees language to our journalists said that LTTE terrorists are increasing youngster staffing as they having lack of manpower to face safety forces' armed shove. "LTTE terrorists forcefully recruiting juvenile children and youth, and we too have to face grave difficulty under LTTE's jungle rule", one of the mothers in the middle of the escapees said.
Troops have brought them to the recently construct children's park in Pooneryn area after as long as them with meals, checkup treatment and other supplies.

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