Sunday, December 28, 2008

LTTE abducts 16 children from Catholic Church run orphanage - Dharmapuram

LTTE terrorists had abducted 16 children from a Catholic Church run orphanage at Dahrmapuram in Kilinochchi on Friday (Dec 26), the church sources exposed. The sources while condemning this wicked do something of terrorism called the event to be an ideal example of the cruelty of the terrorist group.
Meanwhile, a collection of civilians who were terrorized by the on top of occurrence have required safe haven with army on Saturday (Dec 27) afternoon. The refugees while confirming the event have supposed that the abducted brood had been taken to be taught as child military and suicide bombers. 38 civilians belonging to 9 families including 3 infants have at home at one of the Army Task Force 1 outposts after a dangerous trip crossways Kilaly lagoon. The refuges have told our particular reporter in the region that they had their homes close to the said orphanage and determined to flee into eccentric areas for the love of their brood.
"They (LTTE cadres) beat up the two priests in accuse of the orphanage when they refused to give away the orphans" an eye observer has told our reporter.
According to the sources, the terrorists had stormed the orphanage on the Boxing Day twilight and demanded the two cleric in blame of the put to give away all children on top of 12 years of age.
"They (LTTE) joined up the two priests and blindfold them before captivating away the brood at gunpoint" he has additional.
A mother of two in the middle of the refugees who had also witnessed the crime said that she could not bear up the sight when the children had cried out for help.
"Those innocent children tried in ineffective to stick on to the two priests. They pleaded the LTTE cadres to let them go. But they were dragged like cattle charming to the slaughterhouse ...."
"I would by no means pardon for myself for not helping those children ... But I have to put aside my children first. That is why I left my home "she has supposed showing her two young children.
Meanwhile, the church sources said that it was only Saturday (Dec 27) dawn that the two priests had been able to untie themselves and reported the matter to minster administration. The orphanage was at first located at Kilinochchi but recently inspired to Dharmapuram due to increasing LTTE threats. It has been effectively performance with the lavish support of the church and other donors for the last more than a few years. The Church sources additional said several more preceding attempts of this nature were resist and thwarted by the priests in charge. Church authorities are still on the look out for these parentless children who grew up in the orphanage while attending to their schooling.

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