Friday, December 5, 2008

roops uncover warlike items including suicide jackets - Jaffna

Troops deployed in northern battlefront are consolidating their positions in general areas Muhamalai and Kilaly yesterday, 4 December.
According to the defence sources, army snipers deployed in Muhamalai and Kilay onward defences gunned down two LTTE terrorists throughout the day.
Meanwhile, troops have found warlike items including suicide jackets and bullets while conducting a search and obvious procedure in general area Manalkadu 2.00 pm yesterday.
next items were in the middle of the items exposed.

Items Description Quantity
Suicide Jacket 03
T 56 Weapon 01
Claymore Mine 01
Ammunition (7.62 X 39) 170
Magazines 02
Hand Grenades 03
Explosive 1kg
Jackets 03
Field Dressing 02
Detonator 41
Wire Roll 01
Remote Controllers 02
Small Pouch 01
Bags 02
Uniforms 02
Food items
Medical Items

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