Saturday, December 6, 2008

Heavy clashes in Kilinochchi; Army 57 Div wreak havoc on LTTE counter attack

Sri Lanka Army 57 Division soldiers have productively crushed an LTTE counter assault in the Adampan area, west of Kilinochchi this morning (Dec 6), reports from Kilinochchi battleground revealed.
According to field journalist, troops having unsurprising the terrorist go took the terrorist attackers by surprise causing a serious toll to the terrorists.
"The clashes has commenced around 3 in the morning with army nice-looking serious weaponry and multi barrel rockets on the terrorist still advancing to the army's positions in the Adampan area", he said.
"The terrorists too have exchanged heavy mortars. However, LTTE ground combatants have not been able to come up to the Army forward boundary as they have been received with serious barrages of rockets and weaponry"
Speaking further, our reporter said that LTTE cadres have taken to their heels send-off their dead.
"The battle is still on as troops targeting the enemy withdrawal", he added.
Meanwhile, 57 Division troops during yesterday's (Dec 5) operations had more than a few confrontations in the Adampan, Adampan north, west of Iranamadu and south of Terumurikandi areas and claimed heavy recompense to the terrorists.

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