Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Four more Tamil civilians from LTTE areas reach Omanthai

Four more Tamil civilians counting a 6 year-old child from LTTE held areas have at home at the entry/exit tip in Omanthai, Vavuniya last evening, 01 December, looking for safe haven with security forces.
According to the military sources, the civilians who were clever to flee LTTE's grip are inhabitants of Wishwamadu area in Kilinochchi.
Two males of 29 and 22 years of age and 30 year-old female are in the middle of the escapees, sources added.
The escapees have been provided with foods and essential medical treatments and later heading for them to the IDP center recognized in Vavuniya. All the preparations have been complete to give protection for civilians, the government officials in Vavuniya said.

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