Monday, December 1, 2008

Kokavil liberated; another LTTE bastion on A-9 falls

Troops of Sri Lanka Army 57 division today (Dec 1) reached long awaited landmark on their march into terrorist dens in Wanni with the release of the Kokavil town.
According to the battlefield sources, troops launched an disagreeable near the beginning last morning extending their forward limits towards east of the A-9 (Jaffna-Kandy) road. Infantrymen of the 57 separation first reached the A-9 at a site few kilometers north of the Kokavil town and then twisted the shove southwards destroying all residual LTTE strongholds down to Mankulam.
This is the first time after 18 years Army gained full control over this area, the sources added.
Kokavil recalls the memory of Lieutenant Saliya Upul Aladeniya , the daring commander who was the last officer in accuse of the isolated camp Kokavil in 1990. With only two platoons in hand , Lieutenant Aladeniya secluded his site for one month without any strengthening, or victim mass exit before LTTE overran it in July 1990. When he was asked to abandon the site leaving the wounded behind at one phase of the battle, he refused to do so and chose to scuffle to the last. Lieutenant Aladeniya was posthumously conferred with the Parama Weera Vibhushanaya (PWV) , the uppermost award for the bravery at the battlefield. He was the first officer to be so awarded.

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