Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Families of LTTE cadres protest against terrorist rule in Wanni
Families of dead LTTE cadres and of those who are at present in the outfit, theatrical a huge protest against the LTTE leadership in Wanni last morning (Dec 1), a defence.lk source in Wanni reveal.
According to the source, over 80 members of Mahaweera and Porali families participated in the complaint held about 11 AM at the Oddusudan junction.
"The protesters had arrived from Mullaittivu, Puthukuduirruppu and Vishwamadhu areas, and they required to move into the administration controlled areas."
The sources additional said that the LTTE cadres at gun tip prohibited the collection of civilians touching further than the Oddusuddan junction.
"LTTE cadres threatened the civilians that they would be shot to death if they dare to move towards Mankulam where they can meet the security force members"
"It was only after their failed attempt to convince the LTTE that they should be allowed to move as they had already given their family members for the outfit, that they started their protest" the source said.
LTTE has labeled the families of deceased LTTE cadres as Mahaweera and families of those who are still in the outfit as Porali. The outfit has promised special favours for these families counting more foodstuff and liberty of movement in lieu of their appreciated ones conscripted by the outfit.
"The civilians were heard snapping out the LTTE cadres that the LTTE head has cheated them", the source said.
"We are asking for nothing, but let our residual children live free from this madness" was the main be adamant of the civilians, the basis added.
Explaining additional, our source said that LTTE more often than not promises relations members not to get another when they call up one from them.
"However, the LTTE leader has never kept this promise... his recruiters usually grab the young when they barely reach 12 years of age"
"These people had come this far after at odds with the LTTE cadres in their areas. The LTTE leadership launched a special operation to stop them from looking for safe refuge with carrying weapons forces"
"If they had reached the government controlled areas , it would have been a huge blow for LTTE as they would create known the true natural world of the LTTE unkindness", the sources added.

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