Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Army 59 Division bags Periyakulam ; eyes strategically located Nadunkerni

Sri Lanka Army 59 Division military extended their full power over the Periyakulam hamlet, located 4 km East of deliberately situated Nadunkerni town this evening (Dec 2).
According to the defence sources in the battleground, soldiers ongoing their westward push from Otiyamalai advanced for about 1 km coldness eliminating all LTTE hideouts up to the Periyakulam hamlet.
Defence observers are in the sight that the Army's counter terrorist operations in the area will very much help the civilians beneath fear clutches to go into the government prohibited areas.
Meanwhile, troops of the similar division marching the length of the eastward coalition were busy in heavy confrontations with the terrorists in the Alampil area throughout daytime. Troops have so far found a body of a slain LTTE cadre along with weapons. Also, army elites deployed in the forward areas have long-established shooting down of two LTTE cadres.

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