Tuesday, December 9, 2008

59 Div troops advancing towards Mullaittivu; 5 terrorist bodies found

Troops of 59 Division title towards LTTE's major military bastion in Mullaittivu sustained their offensive thrust while consolidating their work of creative writing positions, defence sources in Mullaittivu front said. Troops of 591,592 and 593 brigades meaningfully involved to 59 Divisions conventional out several attacks at LTTE groups detected in general area Kumulamunai yesterday, 8 December.
LTTE terrorists suffered heavy recompense when troops of 591 group confronted with groups of LTTE terrorists in two split occasions in universal area Kumulamunai. Meanwhile, troops busy in mine clearing operations in the similar area have unearthed 54 anti-personnel mines laid by the terrorists.
The 592 Brigade too confronted with LTTE terrorists in several occasions the past inflicting maximum compensation to the enemy. In a confrontation took place during the morning hours, Electronic Warfare (EW) sources confirmed intercepting terror communication that LTTE suffered heavy damages in the argument.
Troops of 12th SLLI (Sri Lanka Light Infantry) attached to 592 Brigade had more than a few confrontations with LTTE terrorists in general area Kumulamunai. Troops have establish a body of LTTE cadre killed throughout the confrontation took put at 10.20AM along with two T-56 arms.
Meanwhile, hours long fighting erupted in general area Kumulaminai between troops of 12th SLLI and LTTE terrorists 12 noon yesterday. Troops have found 3 bodies of LTTE cadres killed during the gun battle along with one T-56 riffle in a subsequent search operation conducted.
unconnectedly, another LTTE body was establish in a search process conducted right away after a clash in general area Kumulamunai last morning in the same area. An I-Com set and T-56 riffle were also found in another search process conducted in the Kumulamunai area.
According to the armed account conservative from the battlefront, troops of 593 group also carried out attacks targeting observed LTTE groups in worldwide area Kumulamunai. Intercepted radio transmissions bare heavy recompense to the terrorists throughout these confrontations.

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