Monday, December 8, 2008

Army arranges donation of pushbikes for Jaffna schoolchildren

On a ask for made by Sri Lanka Army officials in Jaffna, Rotary friendship of Colombo has donated 23 push bicycles for the schoolchildren who had attained the uppermost script at the grade-5 learning examination-2008 in Jaffna.
The there was set as a consequence of a discussion held between safety Forces Commander in Jaffna, Major General GA Chandasiri and Additional Area Director of Education D.T. Selwarathnam. During this discussion, Mr. Slewarathnam had tinted that the schoolchildren in Jaffna have been conflicting ills due to be small of of sufficient public transport armed forces in the area.
Taking another pace towards restoring normalcy in the Peninsula, Major General Chandasiri had made a ask for of from the donor. Sri Lanka Navy had overjoyed the bicycles to Jaffna from Colombo and the gift was made at a simple rite held at Kankasanthurai on Saturday (Dec 6).
The bicycles were separate among 23 students belonging to 14 schools. The principals of the schools, teachers and the safety forces officials participated for the event.

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