Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turkey and Sri Lanka to cooperate against terrorism

Addressing the media after the signing of two bi-lateral agreements between Turkey and Sri Lanka President Abdullah Gul said Turkey and Sri Lanka share a ordinary difficulty of terrorism and with new development in the association between our two countries there is better cooperation in opposite the confront of terrorism.
Enhanced association in adding to facing the threat of terrorism would too help to very much improve the way between two countries, he said.
President Mahinda Rajapaksa said the menace of terrorism has exaggerated both Sri Lanka and Turkey. We are therefore more sensitive to the linked issues and shared belief in the need to counter terrorism in all its forms. There is no good terrorist or bad terrorist. All terrorists are bad. Given the terrorism connected challenges Sri Lanka and Turkey face, the two countries have time after time called for concentrated international act against this menace. Sri Lanka understands Turkey's concerns on terrorism, given its own knowledge in commerce with this subject. The global convention on terrorism must be finalized.
President Rajapaksa said that the bilateral agreements signed today will further support ties between the two countries. The Air Transport Agreement will get better connectivity between the two countries and will be a stepping stone to forge earlier ties among our peoples. Sri Lanka looks forward to welcoming the Turkish people to information the usual loveliness of my country. The exile Treaty will improve collaboration in the area of law and order flanked by our countries.

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