Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sovereign nations have right to protect against terrorism - Barack Obama

US president-elect Barack Obama on Monday (Dec 1) had affirmed that "sovereign nations have the correct to protect themselves" against terrorism, exposed the international news media.
According to the media reports, Obama speaking at a Chicago Press meeting told the reporters that his inward management would be completely dedicated to wipe out terrorism.
''What I can speak clearly is that both myself and my team are completely dedicated to eliminating terrorism,'' he had said.
''We cannot stand attacks based on twisted philosophy of hate...we will bring the full force of our military, economic and diplomatic power to beat this. I will be monitoring the state of relationships closely", he had added.
Commenting on the new terrorist assault in Mumbai , India in which more than 170 people were killed , including 6 US citizens, he had told that his administration would "remain unwavering in support of India's effort to no-win situation perpetrators and transport them to fairness" .
"I wait for the world group of people will feel the same way", he had added.
Also, media information said that Obama had telephoned Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in excess of the weekend and said that Americans would "stand with the people of India in this dark time."
"I'm confident they're more stretchy than the killers who would tear it down", he had affirmed.
Speaking further on his rule towards global terrorism he had stated that disaster in South Asia would be among the first issues to be busy by his administration.
"Terror cannot be restricted by borders. Last week ,we were reminded of the danger once again", he had stated recalling the Mumbai disaster.
"In the world we seek, there's no put for those who kill innocent civilians to go forward horrible radicalism," he had added.

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