Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Troops uncover cache of military hardware in Jaffna

Troops while conducting a search process in universal area Manthhuvil, Jaffna have exposed a hoard of military hardware counting 10kgs of C-4 high explosives on Tuesday (Dec 9) evening.
According to Jaffna safety sources, the items were establish hidden in a bush land scrap at Manthuvil.
Following substance were establish in the look for process.
Item Quantity
C-4 high explosives 10Kg
Anti-personnel (AP) mine 01
Detonator code 25m
Bangalore torpedo 02
Magnetic mine 02
15kg explosive chargers 01
Rocket propelled grenade (RPG) rounds 03
T-56 assault riffle 01
T-56 ammunition 121
CDMA phones 03
Night vision device 01

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