Monday, December 8, 2008

TF 3 sweeping along A- 34; terrorists on the run

A soldier of Army Task Force 2 standing close to the 216 km post of the Jaffna - Kandy (A-9) road. Few weeks ago, they were at the 190 km post where the former entry/exit point at Omanthai was located. Sri Lanka armed forces have been able to open the A-9 road up to Kokavil , after liberating 48 km stretch from the terrorists.
The strategic center of the oppose terrorist operations in Wanni shifted from Kilinochchi to Mullaittivu battlefront as last week as the Army Task Force 3 (TF 3) started sweeping down the A-34 (Mankualam -Mullaittivu) road that leads to the last stranglehold of the terrorists .
Troops have so distant marched about 7 km down the A-34 and now are full of activity in offensives in the east of Olmadu and in the Panikkankulam forest reserve. inclined battles have been reported over the weekend, as troops shattered several LTTE strongholds on their path.
According to the battlefield information, troops had confronted with the terrorists at least at 6 locations in the east of Olumadu town yesterday (Dec 7). Troops claimed that LTTE terrorist had suffered heavy wounded throughout these confrontations. Also, the sources in the field said that the LTTE cadres had shown very little will to fight when confronted with army and rapidly in use to their heels with slight resistance.
During subsequent searches troops found a shoot up propeller grenade launcher (RPG), and rotten body of an LTTE cadre during the day. Also, troops came across a mine field laid by the LTTE and removed 66 AP mines (anti personnel).
On Saturdays (Dec 6), troops found 11 bodies of LTTE cadres and 13 T-56 riffles the length of with other military cog following offensives conducted in the similar area.

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