Monday, December 8, 2008

Army 59 Div marching steadily towards LTTE bastion in Mullaittivu

Troops of Army 59 separation spearheading at LTTE's main military stranglehold in Mullaittivu yesterday (Dec 7) carried out more than a few attacks at LTTE groups detected in the north of Alampil area.
According to the sources, troops contain so far marched about 3 km northwards the length of the Mullaittivu- Alampil road and recognized their current positions just 7 Km short of the Mullaittivu built up.
Meanwhile, troops of the similar division marching on a dissimilar axis are closing in on the terrorist stronghold in Nadundkerni. Troops during yesterday's operations captured two battlefield defenses situated in the west of Otiyamalai area. In separate occasion reported from the same general area, troops confronted with a group of terrorists during evening hours and set up 3 T-56 riffles along with 20 ration packets during following search.
Intercepted radio transmissions bare heavy damages to the terrorists in all on top of mentioned incidents.

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