Friday, December 12, 2008

Terrorists take heavy beating: scores killed, many injured - Kilinochchi

Military advances continued at the Wanni battlefront yesterday (Dec 11) amidst stiff LTTE resistance as military long-established killing at least 27 LTTE terrorists unaccompanied at Terumurikandy, 4km south of Iranamadu on Thursday(Dec 11).
Despite, pain serious loses at the pitched antagonism ensued at Terumurikandy, Puthumurrippukulam and south of Admapan, terrorists have declared baffled victim reports, through its media proxies as to maintain the moving back confidence and hold up of the disapora group of people, defence observers' state.
Confined into the deeper outer edge at Kilinochchi, not capable to take on the strong multi-split military assaults the terrorists have resorted to issuing fight scorecards just-to-satisfy its racist psychopaths who exist in in the incessant pain of the Sri Lankans, he additional asserted.
Meanwhile, a terrorist was reported sniped in general area Puthunurrippukulam at Kilinochchi at about 4p.m., according to military reports. Separately, troops of the 57 Division operating in universal areas at South of Adampan, Puthumurrippukulam and west of Iranamadu have mounted continuous dismissal assaults at LTTE causing serious recompense Wanni security sources said. The antagonism between troops and LTTE continued till late evening as military kept on good-looking LTTE targets, tapering out its remaining defence lines, a successful future move at the battle terrain, sources additional said.
Also, troops of the Task Force-1 in service North of Adampan have busy serious weaponry at recognized LTTE strong points as troops long-established neutralizing LTTE confrontation in the area.
At the Mullaittivu battlefront, TF -2 troops sustained consolidating eccentric territory east of the A-9 trunk road.
Separately, troops of the TF-3 have allegedly met with intermittent LTTE confrontation while advancing in general area east of Olumadu, safety sources added.

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