Friday, December 12, 2008

'No good or bad terrorists' says Indian Premier

Reiterating his Sri Lankan complement President Mahinda Rajapaksa's comments on terrorism, Indian Premier Manmohan Singh asserted that "the use of terrorism as an instrument of state rule is no longer acceptable", adding there should be "no twice standards in the worldwide fight against terrorism as there are no good or bad terrorists", yesterday (Dec 11) replying to the security discuss at the Lok Sabha, in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attack.
"The communications of terrorism has to be dismantled enduringly. The following will of the international group of people must be translate into real and sustained action on the ground. It is time for the international group of people to directly undertake the challenge of terrorism," the Indian Premier further harassed.
Earlier, President Mahinda Rajapaksa made similar observations throughout the important address delivered at the opening sitting of the 15th SAARC Summit on 02nd August in Colombo. - "Terrorism wherever is terrorism and there are no good terrorists or bad terrorists", he emphasized.
"You can't have two different attitudes towards terrorism" President Rajapaksa was also quoted as proverb during an official visit made to the joint Kingdom, this June. "I don't have the same opinion that there are good terrorists and bad terrorists. There is only one kind of terrorist", the President additional asserted replying to questions raised by international media on the ground operations next to the LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka.
Meanwhile, admitting that the Mumbai tragedy had tinted gaps in the attentiveness to deal with terrorists attacks, Indian Prime Minister Singh urged the need to equip more effectively to deal with such unparalleled threats and challenges next to India's integrity and unity.
Making the concluding comments to his address, Prime Minster Singh said, "I wish to say that it is in times of adversity that the true courage of a state is tested. We must remain calm and be resolute. We should place firm as one state and one people to meet this confront posed by terrorism.
"We will give a appropriate rejection to our enemies. The idea of India as a performance democracy and a pluralistic society is at stake. This is a time for national unity and I seek your cooperation. Truth and virtue are on our side and jointly we shall prevail".
Tamil Nadu worries of possible LTTE infiltration:
The need for stronger events to protect the Indian shoreline was also tinted during the debate, as Premier Singh approved, "strengthening marine security against asymmetric threats from the sea, as a timely need".
The Indian Navy, coastal protector and Police have put-on special security and suspicious preparations in place for all major ports and sensitive installations in the vicinity of India's shoreline, Indian news agencies reported.
Meanwhile, according to same news sources, worries have triggered in Tamil Nadu concerning possible LTTE terrorist infiltration in the Eastern shores. The Indian Navy is concerned over the arrival of empty boats, some with bullet marks, off Rameswaram coast recently, Vice Admiral Nirmal Kumar Varma, Vishakapatinam, In-Charge of the Eastern Naval Command was quoted saying with print and electronic media today (Dec 12).
"This cannot be taken flippantly. It is for the state police and the Centre to find out reasons for the arrival of these boats," he had told reporters.
Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu police in a press release yesterday (Thursday) said that "thorough investigations" revealed that the boats had it seems that drifted from Sri Lanka due to the recent tropical storm.

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