Friday, December 5, 2008

Task Force 1 sweeping down offensives in Kilinochchi north

Troops of Task Force 1 (TF 1) are moving progressively along the B-69 axis (Poonaryn- Paranthan road) towards Kilinochchi; make known the defence sources in the battleground.
Setting their move toward to the Kilinochchi town from northwest, the TF 1 yesterday engaged LTTE positions in the north of Adampan and the west of Paranthan areas a lot with armour tanks and artillery.
According to the sources, troops launched an attack with the hold up of armour tanks at the LTTE bunker line located 6 km west of Paranthan, along the B-69 road last evening . Troops long-established that the terrorists suffered a heavy toll.
In the Adampan area, troops busy artillery at an LTTE group around 4 in the similar evening. Intercepted LTTE radio transmission confirmed damages to the terrorists.
Also, snipers deployed in the onward areas long-established shooting down of two LTTE cadres all through the day.
The Kilinochchi March continues.

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