Thursday, December 11, 2008

Heavy clashes in Kilinochchi; troops reach Therumurukandi junction [Updated]

Troops of 57 Division were engaged in inclined battles with the terrorists the length of the western and southern limits of Kilinochchi built-up yesterday (Dec 10), said the defence sources. According to the latest reports, troops have been able get hold of Therumurukandi junction, located 4 Km south of Iranamadu after thrashing off the terrorists.
Troops are advancing additional northwards along the A-9 main road to imprison Iranamadu junction which facilitates to open new evasion route for the Tamil civilians who have been attentive by the terrorists as person shield in Vaddakachchi and Paranthan areas.
According to the defence sources, intense hostility irrupted in the west of Kilinochchi and west of Iranamadu areas causing heavy compensation to the terrorists. Army Electronic fighting sources confirmed that heated arguments have also surfaced between the LTTE's ground leaders over the lack of strengthening as troops continued their effectual thrust on LTTE despite stiff confrontation given by the terrorists.
According to the latest information, over 27 LTTE terrorists were killed during the battle army Electronic Warfare sources long-established intercepting terrorists' communication channels.
Twenty army military have laid their lives for defensive the motherland during the pitched battle in last two days and a few bodies among them are yet to be healthier, defence sources in battlefront said.

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