Thursday, December 11, 2008

Troops Change Attitude towards Their 'Enemy' for a Moment; Captured LTTE "Policeman" Tells it All

Troops of the 7 Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (SLSR), balanced to forge ahead towards the eastward after their recent imprison of Katkidanku area in the Mullaittiu district are beset not only by terrorist attacks, but also due to torrential rains and ankle-deep waters, as the photos in this story depict.
As late as Tuesday (9) afternoon, troops commanded by replacement Colonel Kithsiri Liyanage had to face an unforeseen ordeal while his troops were advancing, as scheduled. A rain of opponent fire took them by surprise, but alert troops responded to the confront effectively and managed to counteract the enemy- fire within a few minutes. That was not the end. Troops went further closer to the enemy hiding place and were shocked to come across an upset Tiger terrorist, lying by the side of the same LTTE hideout.
humankind overrode all terrorist concerns. Brave and concerned troops right away rescued the upset Tiger who had received bullet wounds to his ankle and unhappily found immovable due to nature of his wounds. Troops distorted their stance on the terrorist swiftly, instead for a immediate showed him the wealth of compassion and kind -heatedness that troops themselves, have inherited. They lifted the injured terrorist and carried him on wooden planking to troops-held areas across talkative waters before medical action was given to him. Looking so dejected but inspired by human touch, the captured Tiger afterwards began to relate his tale.
The 23- year old Gunarasa Narmalan, formally from Thunnely south in Nelliady has later on moved to Ramanandanpuram, Kilinochchi on the orders of the LTTE after he connected the association as an LTTE 'Police Constable'. He had been suddenly tasked to defend Kilinochchi, Mullaittivu and Akkarayankuam areas.
Surprisingly, LTTE leadership due to terrible dearth of hostility cadres in the group had abruptly forced him to work on LTTE defence lines in the company of 42 more fellow-LTTE 'Police Constables' who had been deployed there as replacement for lost Tiger cadres. Tigers, according to this mistaken youth are now frantic.
'LTTE is now in awful trouble because they are short of hostility men and not capable to oppose the fire -power of the troops any longer. They are panicking and organization in all instructions since troops are closing in on LTTE strongholds from dissimilar fronts. When I was injured, three others with me ran away leaving me behind. Many more youth like me want to run away but Tigers won't allow,' the Tiger terrorist has additional told the troops.

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