Saturday, December 13, 2008

Army 59 division closing in on LTTE main military bastion - Mullaittivu

Army 59 Division military after successfully payment away LTTE hold in the Nagachola forest set aside are now entering into the Mullaittivu suburbs, reveal the defence sources.
Daylong offensives were approved out yesterday (Dec 12) by the 3 Brigades of the Division closing in on the LTTE's main military bastion in Mullaittivu, taking three different approaches .
Troops of the 591 group operating on the forward border extending from the South Tanniyattu to the North of Almpil had a series of clashes with the terrorists during daytime. Infantrymen of 1 Sri Lanka Sinha division (1 SLSR), 11 Gamunu Watch (11 GW) and 14 Vijayaba Regiment (14 VIR) attacked terrorist groups detected in the West and the East of the Kanukkernikulam tank area and the swamp in the North of Alampil. Troops claimed heavy compensation to the terrorists during these confrontations. Also, troops removed 39 AP mines from the East of Kanukkernikulam tank area.
Meanwhile, troops of 592 group marching towards Nadunkerni- Mullaittivu road confronted with the terrorist in the Koddankkailu area, about 6 miles from Nadunkerni LTTE stronghold. Troops claimed heavy compensation to the terrorists. Also, troops found a LTTE cemetery situated in the western border of the Nagacholai forest reserve.
Troops of 593 Brigade further pushed their forward boundaries towards Mulliyaveli, a key town located on the Mankulam- Mullaittivu (A-34) road during the day. Also, troops had several confrontations in the area and claimed heavy wounded to the terrorists.

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