Sunday, December 7, 2008

Troops push further into LTTE garrisons: scores killed, many injured [Updated]

An army trooper standing guard at the A-9 trunk road between Puliyankulama and Omanthai.
approaching an end to the 30 year odd terrorist cause and the the majority prolonged, single handed counter terrorist group in south Asia, Sri Lankan security forces are advancing in multi-fronts with 7 unpleasant divisions into the remaining LTTE garrisons at Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu. According to battlefield reports, TF1 and 57 Div troops are now situated in kissing distances to the external defence lines of the LTTE's administrative heartland and main garrison rural community at Kilinochchi. preceding during an 'e-mail interview' with a south Indian document in the eve of the suicide bombers day, terror chief Prabakaran vowed to oppose the military thrust at Kilinochchi, careful de-facto 'capital' of LTTE following the nation's 'greatest giveaway in history'- signing of the 2002 CFA.
Kilinochchi is careful to be a vital battle land and the most valued cup for the security forces, who are strong-minded to flushout LTTE throughout the world's most effectual duel tasked 'counterterrorist cum Humanitarian operation' in modern time.
The armed battle formations advancing from west of Parantan, Adampan, west of Iranamadu, Terumurikandy, Kokkuvil, Kanakarayankulam, Puliyankulam, Northeast of Olumadu and Alampil have caused huge damages to LTTE send-off scores killed and as many injured during the past few days, security sources said. 11 LTTE bodies were establish along with 17 T-56 physical attack riffles, Saturday (Dec 6), northeast of Olumadu in the western Mullaittivu battlefront by the TF 3 troops. consecutive aerial raids conducted at recognized LTTE strong points West of Parantan on Friday (05) and Saturday (06) have also left many terrorists killed, sources said citing intercepted LTTE message. in the middle of the terrorists killed many were said to be females who were lured to defened their male counterparts, seeking security in the middle of civilians in the deeper Wanni territory.
3 more slain LTTE bodies were found during look for operations conducted by the 59 Division troops in general area Alampil at Mullaittivu, on Friday.
Army stepped-up fresh offensives towards LTTE strong points at the Wanni battle theater as torrential rains and floods subsided. The Jaffna peninsula and the Wanni regions were severely affected with a record downpour at Jaffna after 50 years. about, 296,671 people belonging to 85,349 families were displaced in Jaffna between 25th Nov and 02 Dec, according to latest in order free from the Ministry of Disaster Management. 9 deaths were reported due to the floods, in addition to 2 others who continued injuries. At the Mullaittivu district damages reported from 3 DS divisions numbered as 21,200 families, while individuals affected remained unconfirmed. Meanwhile, the official information of IDPs as reported from the GA at Mullaittivu read as follows: Number of displaced families due to terrorist acts 2,036; individuals 8,080.
Defence and aid circles are also not option out a grave kind tragedy in Wanni which has already triggered an mass departure of civilians into liberated areas, at Omanthai and Jaffna. People have by now started candidly protesting LTTE dictatorship in the regions. Earlier, as reported through a huge protest was held by families of dead LTTE cadres and of those who are currently in the outfit, in Wanni on Dec 1. According to our sources, over 80 members of Mahaweera and Porali families participated in the complaint held approximately 11 AM at the Oddusudan junction.
Meanwhile, over 654 people belonging to 225 families have crossed over to the safer regions at Jafffna, Omanthai and Nellukkulama seeking defense with security forces, since 01st November, 2008, till Saturday (Dec 6).
Security forces have now liberated a total make bigger of 48 km the length of the A-9 Jaffna-Kandy trunk road, from Kokkuvil to Omanthai. This is the first time since 1998 that security forces have gained control over a vast territory of the A-9 road, military sources extra said. The supremacy claims the military create at the central Wanni battlefront, probable start pad of an all out eastward thrust at Mullaittivu with the defeat of LTTE in Kilinochchi. Battlefront reports maintain the foreword of a new unpleasant separation, Task force -4 in Wanni in the coming week.
Defence observers are also anticipating the fall of Oddusudan, Nainamadu and Nedunerni LTTE defenses as troops of TF 3 and TF 2 march along the A-34 Mankulam- Mullaittivu and the Puliyankulam - Tanniyuttu roads creation the leading eastward military push unsurprising to link with the 59 Division at the eastern battlefront.

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