Sunday, December 14, 2008

Troops of 59 Div extend their defences and heading towards Mullaittivu

Troops of 59 Division in go forward towards one of the few residual LTTE's key bases, Mullattivu built-up, confronted with terrorists more than a few occasions inflicting utmost damages to the opponent yesterday, 13 December. Meanwhile, troops further comprehensive their defences while consolidating newly captured areas, the military report received from the battlefront said.
In a argument took place in Ampapakatam in Mullaittivu around 11.55am, troops confirmed that terrorists suffered heavy compensation. Meanwhile, troops had one more argument with a group of LTTE terrorists observed in universal area Mallawarayankaddumurippu in Mullaittivu around 2.10 pm. LTTE suffered utmost compensation due to an effectual weapons launched. Separately, troops busy in forward domination operations had confronted with group of LTTE terrorists detected in universal area Olumadu in Mullaiitvu around 3.30 pm. Terrorists suffered thinkable damages, Electronic fighting sources confirmed citing LTTE radio communication. slight damages were also reported to the Army.
Meanwhile intense hostility ensued in general area Kumulamunai as troops launched attack targeting observed LTTE positions around 10.50am. Troops confirmed terrorists suffered heavy compensation in the confrontation. Army also conventional slight damages, the report said.
In the same area, troops on look for and obvious process uncovered a LTTE's suicide boat left away by the terrorists who had fled in the face of effectual military push-up launched by the safety forces.
Troops carry on their march towards Mullaittivu.

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