Sunday, December 14, 2008

Aanadasangaree Says : TNA take Indians for a ride By Our Political correspondent

The Tamil United release Front leader Veerasingam Anandasangaree lambasted the Tamil nationwide coalition as a group of bluffs who were trying to hoodwink the LTTE and annoying to take the Indians for a ride.
The TULF leader commenting on the subject of deporting the TNA Parliamentarian M.K. Sivajilingam from Tamil Nadu told the Sunday Observer that the TNA members were a group of blufts and they were manipulated by the tub of the gun of the LTTE.
"M. K. Sivajilingam had made his childlike comments behind the LTTE in Tamil Nadu. If he and his other TNA generation were authentically concerned about the three hundred thousand inside displaced people in the Vanni they should advise the LTTE to stop preventing those innocent civilians moving in the into safer areas.
But instead of articulation for those civilians helpful hands of the LTTE the TNA is trying to hoodwink the outfit with false propaganda in Tamil Nadu and abroad. so the choice to deport Sivajilingam by the Indian Government is timely and appropriate," Anandasangaree said.
Commenting additional on the very recent reports he conventional from the Vanni he said that the internally displace People in the area were pain awfully due to heavy pouring rains and they could hardly sleep in the night to keep vigil to protect themselves from serpents and other poisonous insects."
This is the time where the snakes in Wanni increase due to wet conditions. I have even received information that the drugs are the need of the hour in the region where more than a few people have anti poison been stung by snakes and of them have died without proper medication," he said.
Commenting on the future visit of Indian overseas Minister Pranab Mukerjee to Colombo this week, Anandasangaree said that the Indian overseas Minister should come out firm on the LTTE insisting that the group must give up its fights and enter into talks.
"The Democratic Tamil National Alliance headed by the TULF has already suggested a solution based on the Indian model.
Therefore the Indian leadership must help in expedite an early following solution to the Lankan disaster in order to ensure the security of the Tamil people and decide their political rights," Sangaree further added.

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