Monday, December 15, 2008

Troops enter Ampakamam village: crush LTTE resistances- Mullaittivu

[Click to magnify/shrink] Troops of the Task Force -3 now operating North of Olumadu, East of A-9 have entered the Ampakamam village after hours of heavy fighting with LTTE this morning (Dec 15).

Ampakamam is said to be a main administrative hub of LTTE, located approximately 7 km North of Olumadu, in the Mullaittivu District. According to operational forces, the 20 Singha Regiment (SR) and the 16 Gajaba Regiment (GR) troops have crushed the remaining LTTE resistance and entered the village, at around 10a.m.

Defence observers emphasizing the tactical importance of the LTTE strongpoint said, "Ampakamam is an isolated village in the fringes of the Mullaittivu jungle, with natural obstacles on the southern entrance at the builtup.

LTTE had taken the tactical advantage of this village to coordinate and administer terrorist movement which was also said used as a command hub to control certain areas in the Mullaittivu battle theatre.

More information will follow.

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