Monday, December 15, 2008

Prabhakaran is to face trial for his insensate crimes', says TMVP leader

Former friend in arms of Prabhakaran, Vinayagamoorthy Muralidaran alias Karuna Amman said that the release Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leader is at his last intake of breath in Kilinochchi and he is about to be punished for all his mean and numb crimes.
Interviewed by the self-governing Television Network (ITN), the TMVP leader and member of the Sri Lanka Parliament said, "Prabhakaran refused to listen to me and the late LTTE ideologue Anton Balasingham when we disagreed candidly and many others in the LTTE dared not disagree with him like that in fear and only criticized him at the back his back."
MP Muralidharan said he had raised the query of the Rajiv Gandhi murder and the attack on the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy with Prabhakaran. When he said those acts did not really help the LTTE and shaped lot of resistance all over the world next to the movement, Muralidharan said, the LTTE leader's simple clarification was that those had been done without his knowledge. MP Muralidharan said nothing happened in the LTTE without Prabhakaran's knowledge and he was just lying.
The TMVP leader said "it was a past blunder that the United National Party head Ranil Wickramesinghe signed a truce Agreement with Prabhakaran since he signed it at a time when the LTTE was weakest in its cadre power and its arms power. The LTTE used the truce to fundraise, import arms and bullets and recruit cadres by force."
He said some people who are hailed as LTTE best in the media like Nadesan, Daya Master and Susai were not influential men and mere information of no significance and Prabhakaran did not mind two hoots for them and for what they thought. In fact, Susai, the head of the 'Sea Tigers' did not know at all know to fight on the land and there was no reason to respect him, he said.
He said, the late Anton Balasingham told Prabhakaran on his face all what he (Karuna Amman) had told the LTTE leader but Prabhakaran refused to listen to him either, as the LTTE leader was an stubborn Fascist dictator.
The other person who expressed his disapprovals on the face of Prabhakaran on a variety of matters was "Mahattaya" Mahendraraja and he and his friends in the movement had to die unlucky deaths, MP Muralidharan said.
Looking back how he joined the LTTE, MP Muralidharan said he was a brilliant student, like all other siblings in his family and studying in a bio science Advanced Level class with the ambition of becoming a doctor one day when in 1983 the LTTE killed 13 military and as a reaction the Black July of killing blameless Tamil civilians occurred.
He said the killings were used to employ young people to the LTTE and he went to help those hundreds of Tamil civilians who became on the streets and flocked to Batticaloa. He said he connected the LTTE and went to India to get the military preparation. The TMVP head said he did not leave from the LTTE over personal evils but over disagreements over pure terrorism skillful by the group like the Rajiv Gandhi assassination. When he went to Oslo as a associate of the peace talks, he said, Prabhakaran told him not to have the same opinion to any solution, but to drag the talks to five more years pretending to be paying attention in peace, so that he could lift funds, employ cadres buy arms and fight back. If he had decided for any solutions great quantity of international funds were obtainable to develop Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka to raise the standards of the Tamil people and Prabhakaran was least paying notice in those things, MP Muralidharan alleged.
He said when he got out of the LTTE he did not have any following ambition and only afterwards he consideration of a political vocation after President Mahinda Rajapaksa invited him to do so. He said there had been no other leader who had faced this difficulty boldly like President Mahinda Rajapaksa before and if he had been in power in 1983 no crisis of this natural world would have ever occurred in this country. He said during his 22 years of career as a fighter he had never met a as the crow flies and brave decision creator like President Mahinda Rajapaksa. "I am 100 percent sure that President Rajapaksa would end the war and solve the North-East problem", he said.
He said he left the LTTE with 6000 cadres since LTTE was clearly showing signs of a terrorist group and it had ceased to act as a liberation move violently as they believed. It was killing blameless Sinhala civilians, violent places of adoration of all religions, and chased out Muslims from Jaffna after confiscating all their possessions.
He also asked others of the LTTE to get out of the swamp like Paduman of Trincomalee but it was hard for anybody to flee from Wanni.
Recalling Ranil Wickramasinghe's truce days Muralidharan said the UNP head went into this accord also at a time terrorism was at its weakest point in history due to 9/11. Since it allowed the LTTE to travel anywhere in the country it started transporting bombs all over the place. In the appearance of fishing LTTE boats brought into the state tons of arms and ammunition freely, he said. " Prabhakaran enjoying the human rights shattered the whole Tamil culture. though it was prohibited to marry under the LTTE when he wanted to marry the wedding ban was lifted. More than the blameless Sinhalese he killed Tamils. He is one of the worst terrorists in the world."
He said the truth concerning Prabhakaran is known to the Tamil people. He could not with no trouble employ cadres during the truce days from the Northern Province. That's why he had to depend on the Eastern Province for his cadres. He used the Wanni people by kidnapping and recruiting them by force.
MP Muralidharan said it was true that with some Tamil self-governing parties and his TMVP had difference due to divide political agendas. For example, his party was opposed to connecting Eastern Province with the Northern Province like some other Tamil parties. But he appreciated the dissimilar views, the TMVP leader said. He said he was for linking Northern and Eastern Provinces on cultural matters alone. He said he invites Prabhakaran to lay down arms and come and join the self-governing main stream like him.
He said the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) did not represent the Tamil people in Sri Lanka and they are a substitute party of the LTTE. He said he was peak with no the active in forming the party when he was in the LTTE. The TNA MP's could not sapproval of the LTTE. The election of the MP's were not free. They were elected under the threat of the terrorist group, Muralidharan said. People were under threats by the LTTE to choose by ballot them, MP Muralidharan further pointed out.
At the next general elections, he predicted, he was sure the TMVP would be able to bag 8 seating and the TNA none.
He said unparalleled development work has been started in the East. They are considering development work not even dreamt of during the last 22 years in the area, the TMVP leader said.
He said the final military victory of the Sri Lanka security forces is now sure. Meticulously planned by the Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and professionally implemented by Army Commander Sarath Fonseka Sri Lanka is on the verge of final victory , MP Vinayagamoorthy Muralidharan said.

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