Friday, December 5, 2008

Defence budget passed with 105 vote majority

The vote on the Defence, Public Security, rule and Order Ministry was accepted with a bulk of 105 votes.
The motion to make bigger the Emergency system by one additional one month was traditional with a dimension of 100 votes. The JVP and the NFF voted in favour.
The TNA asked for a division and voted against. The UNP and the SLMC members were absent.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickramanayaka told Parliament yesterday that the Government will carry out its task until terrorism is wiped out from the country.
The major minister speaking at the vote on the Defence, Public security and Law and Order Ministry said events have been busy to get rid of violence for so a lot of years.
Various truce Agreements were signed from time to time when the LTTE was militarily weakened. "However, the there Government is not prepared to make the similar mistakes devoted by preceding Governments.
The Government will carry on with its armed performance until LTTE terrorism is eradicated from this country," he said. "We appeal to all following parties to make bigger their support towards the moves taken by the Government to put a total end to terrorism." The major Minister said the Government has a clear position to defeat terrorism. Terrorism has caused harm to the lives of the innocent people. All possible events should be taken to get rid of terrorism.
President Mahinda Rajapaksa came to power with the sole intelligence of finding a lasting answer to this difficulty without shedding any blood.
But the LTTE attempted to kill our Security Forces workers and shut down the Mavilaru anicut as well. Therefore, the Government had to take a strong option due to the Mavilaru issue.
The Government launched military operations against the LTTE.
"We were bright to release the entire Eastern Province due to attempts total by our heroic Armed Forces. We have to imprison a few areas in the Jaffna Peninsula. We should give our blessing to our courageous war heroes in their task to get rid of terrorism."
He said defeating terrorism is the main difficulty faced by the country. The Defence Ministry is taking all likely events to get free of terrorism.
The financial plan has also owed enormous amounts of money to get rid of terrorism.
We all should be united irrespective of political differences to defeat terrorism.

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