Monday, December 1, 2008

Batticaloa south LTTE leader dead

The Batticaloa South LTTE leader, Kalai Maduran was reported deceased military sources said citing intercepted LTTE communication.
Clashes between LTTE terrorists and troops had occurred during the past few days in certain areas in Batticaloa, military sources said. Security forces and Police have also greater than before combined search operations and security patrols with the rush of sabotage activities and killings perpetrated by elements of LTTE in the East. Terrorists are continually attempting to disrupt normalcy and civilian management in the east as the group is running out of options against the advancing military forces in Wanni and North.
According to intercepted LTTE communication, Kalai Maduran has succumbed to death and was later given the self-styled 'Lt. Colonel' rank, by its Wanni leadership.

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