Tuesday, December 2, 2008

15 civilians seek protection with security forces- Vavuniya

15 civilians from 5 families counting 13 males and 2 females had at home at the Omanthai Entry/Exit point in Vavuniya, looking for defense with security forces Tuesday (Dec 2) at around 8.30 a.m.
According to our correspondent at Omanthai the civilians were from Nedunkerni area, who had fled from LTTE imprisonment amidst torrential rains and floods. The civilians expressing their terrible experiences with the LTTE said that, the LTTE has sent death squads to the forefront nearby flee routes from Wanni towards the eccentric regions.
The heavy rains have worsened the pain in the non-liberated areas as we were disadvantaged even from our basic needs, food and drug with LTTE deciding "who receives or not", the people were cited saying. "We just need to live in peace and no longer can we get on this power of unkindness by the organisation(LTTE)", a civilian was quoted saying with our journalist.
There are a lot of others to come for an chance to flee from the association, the civilian said adding that people in Wanni had suffered sufficient with the LTTE.

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