Monday, December 8, 2008

Lankan boats found abandoned off Tamil Nadu coast LTTEers sneaking into TN

Three more deserted boats were found traveling in the coast on Friday, raise suspicion among officials that LTTE militants, concerned in a fierce fight with the Sri Lankan armed in the island's north, were sneaking into Tamil Nadu.
The boats found deserted were situated at Arichalmunai, Erandam and Moondram Theedai. Earlier six boats, some with bullet marks and blood stains, were establish abandoned off Rameswaram and Nagapattinam coasts, on Thursday.
So many "mysterious" abandoned boats had been found. There was no possibility for so many boats to drift to Indian beach.
The only option was that someone would have also come from Sri Lanka or unproductive in their effort to reach the island, police officials here said.
"If it is one or two boats, it is okay. But how can so many boats drift to the shore? It appears to be a urn of infiltration," a top official of Tamil Nadu police said.
The recovery of eight deserted boats in a week be supposed to be in use dourly by naval and coastguard officials, he said.
"Barring one, the others did not have engines. So what happened to the engines?" the bureaucrat asked.
Coast Guard and Naval officials said patrolling had been intensified after the Mumbai terror strikes. Sea surveillance radar had been installed, as well deploying two ships for patrolling.
The official said that the attendance of the deserted boats needs a methodical search to untie the mystery.

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